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Our next in-person gathering is right around the corner! And as with lots of things in this season, it will look a little different than ever before. Our plan for May is to be in person AND online EVERY week (except May 30 – Memorial Day weekend – when we will be online only!)  

Your safety and well being is a top priority to us always, but especially during the current global pandemic, and we will be taking as many measures as possible to keep each member of our Northpark family safe (including but not limited to asking everyone to wear a mask/face covering, encouraging social distancing, hand sanitizing stations, spaced seating, and more).

We would LOVE for you and your family and friends to join us for live worship, an inspiring message, and a chance to worship together in one place! We also understand that many people are not yet comfortable or unable to join in on in-person gatherings at this time, and that it totally ok! We will continue to share our online services each week as always, and we invite you to join us there if you can’t be with us face-to face.

Check out the info below to help make your Northpark outdoor service experience the best it can be!



Follow the map below for the quickest and most direct route to the outdoor service area at River Bend Middle. (Note that the usual turn onto Beardall St is not the best way to go for accessing the back of the school and the parking lot/space where we will be.)
Team Members will be ready to greet you when you arrive!



There are a few important things to remember/know about Sunday’s service that will help make this worship experience both safe and amazing!
1) We are asking all those who attend the in-person services at this time to wear a mask or face covering. These outdoor services are family services and kids are of course welcome and will sit with their family/grown ups. (Per CDC and State advisories and suggestions we ask that kids 5 yrs+ be included in wearing a mask, 2 yrs+ if able)
2) We’re outside, so we encourage you to bring a chair/blanket/towel for sitting during the service in your area. (Just to be clear – this service is not a drive-in. There is a designated seating area for all who attend!)
3) In the past, we have served coffee and water on site, but in this new season, those items will no be offered at the outdoor services. Feel free to bring your own coffee/sports drink/water bottle with you!
Also, air high-fives and big waves are expected! We encourage everyone to stay socially distanced but NOT socially disconnected. Come ready to worship with your church fam!

Spring Dream Team

While we have an incredible Dream Team of volunteers under pre-COVID circumstances, we realize that things look different in this season and some people are more comfortable coming back to in-person gatherings and some people are still more comfortable worshipping online.

That’s why we are creating a totally separate team of volunteers during this season! If you are interested in helping with our in-person, outdoor services this Spring 2021, please CLICK THE BUTTON and fill out the form. We are committed to keep each of our family members and guests safe during this season, and you get to help be a part of that, all while creating an excellent worship experience.

More information will be shared with you prior to each service regarding arrival times, service opportunities, parking instructions and more!



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