Recently our Life Group has been camping out with Abraham and his clan, and there is much to glean from their lives.

Obedience, is the theme that runs most predominately through Abraham’s story. Our church has been somewhat nomadic in our 10+ years of existence: we started in Right Track Academy, moved to Hilburn Elementary School, then Six Forks Cinema, then a church on Mount Vernon Church Rd, and now to a school, River Bend Middle.

With each move, however unconventional they seemed, God undeniably led us just as God led Abraham, and we have obeyed. Even though we learn so much from studying Abraham’s life, we may also inadvertently downplay the details, because we know the ending. During those early days at Right Track Academy there was no way to foresee Northpark at The Bend. Abraham had no way of knowing he would face famine, conflict, loss, and sacrifice before his eyes saw the promised land. Regardless, when God said go, he tucked the tents away, loaded down the camels, had all the kids use the bathroom one more time, and hit the road. Once again we have become a mobile church, but honestly aren’t we by definition called to be “mobile?”

We gather in a place as one big family unit, we share how our lives have been while apart, we encourage the discouraged, we lift our voices in praise, and we receive wisdom from the teaching. However, if our relationship with God is limited to these encounters, we cannot hope to reach the lost of our city. The nature of our calling is to meet together in order to renew ourselves, then move out and charge the enemy, as we fight for those gone astray. Our stories have to go on the road in order to reach the people who need to hear the good news of Jesus. Everywhere we venture, we will meet new travelers struggling to find meaning, and hopefully through these encounters, they will pack up and join us on this journey.

Feeling like that may be difficult? Or that it’s too outside your comfort zone? I would encourage you to take some time and read Genesis Chapter 12, keep in mind Abraham was roughly 75 years old when he packed it all in, and became a nomad.

So, roll up any excuses and throw them away.

Put your bookbag on your shoulders and let’s get moving, Church!

Even though we may head into unknown territory, at least we don’t have to travel by camel, and our ultimate destination is clear. There is a whole world waiting for us to bring the message, and we can’t do it by staying put. Let’s go!

Sherrie Smitley |  Follower of Jesus. Life Group leader. Wife. Mom. Graham. Friend