Rain, steadily falls as I sit and write early this morning. Sipping coffee in the comfort of my home, I am drawn to wonder what is happening in the lives of my church family.

Will any of these words flowing from thoughts to the keyboard encourage my friends?

Do you struggle to see relevancy with a blog? What even is a “blog”?

Does it seem synonymous with a blob– a baffling, object, lacking a defined shape, size, or purpose?

I often worry that people look at my personal blog as just that – a blob of words, hard to define. Not to mention, we have a plethora of information propelled at us every minute of every day. It is impossible to read, listen, and digest even a fraction of it.

Honestly, for me, I write because I need to get what is in my head out. There is only so much room up there! It helps me to place puzzle pieces in some semblance of order, you know, the old “ducks in a row” idea. But, the real driving force is to encourage my family and friends as we journey together.

Blogging isn’t meant to replace conversations or relationships. It is just another avenue to communicate. Blogs are shorter, less formal, and hopefully spur some thoughts.

Imagine you are browsing a store looking for what appeals to you. Reading blogs can be the same.

Our church blog is meant to engage those of us who are in the same congregation, as we hear the same teaching, worship together and are challenged to live out our faith. My hope is that you read the blog, maybe use it as a way to start conversations, glean some information, and at the very least, to feel connected.

We recently journeyed together as a Northpark family through a 21-Day fast, a OneThing Revival, and I am guessing many of you have experiences to share. I would like to use this particular blog platform to give you a little push and say, “Be open. Reach out.”

Tell someone what you learned, an answer you received, or a need you have.

I know it can be scary. I know many of us are terrified of opening our hearts and minds to others. I accept that everyone is not like me – I can start conversations with complete strangers. I am more of an open-book type than a closed-mouth girl. I am certain that will not shock most of you. I also know when the pain is worse, we all tend to seal ourselves up in hopes that no one will see we have vulnerable cracks in our armor. We are afraid to show the weaknesses for fear others will judge us.

Maybe if we spent more time sharing our wins, praying over our needs, and reaching out, then it wouldn’t seem so foreign to share our fears or concerns.

I do believe our leadership has modeled this beautifully and we have been encouraged to follow their lead, but have we done that? I myself tend to focus on the unanswered prayers in my life more than on the miraculous changes that have come about. I think this is because we feel foolish praising the small daily victories when we have such gigantic prayer needs waiting for answers.

Today, lets change this model.

Reach out to another.

Simply connect.

Take a few minutes to intersect with your church family.

Let someone know they are not forgotten.

Encourage others on their walk by sharing about yours.

Let’s be intentional to grow together, sharing the daily walk with our fellow travelers.

You are loved!

“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”

“Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad”

SHERRIE SMITLEY |  Wife. Mom. Friend. Follower of Jesus.