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Let’s Connect

Rain, steadily falls as I sit and write early this morning. Sipping coffee in the comfort of my home, I am drawn to wonder what is happening in the lives of my church [...]

Crushing It

Crushing it. The first time I heard this popular new phrase was from one of my daughter’s friends.  She was telling her cute littles, "You’re crushing it!” as they polished off their lunch. [...]

Tiny Clouds

Keep Knocking, Keep Praying Relentlessly ... Prayer – it’s filled with energy, power, and mystery. We are told to “pray without ceasing,” yet we are also told that God knows what we need [...]


Our family has a board game called, “Scrutineyes - the game of closer looks”. There are hundreds of images on each board, some are easily identified while others are hidden and take time [...]

Free to Roam

Recently our Life Group has been camping out with Abraham and his clan, and there is much to glean from their lives. Obedience, is the theme that runs most predominately through Abraham’s story. [...]

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