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“And you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth!” – Acts 1:8

The Northpark family is passionate about building life-long followers of Christ not only locally but abroad.  Our missional approach stems from the four pulpits laid out for us in Acts 1:8 – Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth.  Given the context of the time, “Jerusalem” represents the existing church family and immediately outlying areas.  For us that’s Raleigh.  “Judea” is representative of areas just beyond the local community.  For Northpark, that’s North Carolina.  “Samaria” is an even larger outlying area but still targeted on a global scale.  For us, that’s the United States.  And “the ends of the earth” represents a global outreach opportunity to all other areas across the world.  We have worked and will continue to work diligently to carry God’s love and His Word to all four of these pulpits.



We are so excited to have the chance again this Christmas season to help bless some of the amazing students and families of River Bend Middle School!

The school staff has worked to identify students and families that may need a little extra help this year around the holidays, and in lieu of tangible gifts like clothes and toys (due to increased health and safety precautions as a result of COVID-19) we will be gifting these kids and families with gift cards to grocery stores and major retailers. The gift cards will be distributed by school staff to students and families based on need, and from there recipients will be able to purchase food, clothes, gifts, and more throughout the December and into the new year.

You can purchase a gift card yourself, as a family, as a group of friends, as a Life Group – connect with others if you would like and don’t let the amount keep you from being a part of this blessing!

To participate, simply click the REGISTER button and select one of the options offered: either a grocery store card in the amount of your choice between $50-$75 to the stores indicated, or a major retailer card for an individual student in the amount of your choice between $25-$100 to one of the options listed. You may purchased one or more in each category if you would like. Simply change the quantity before submitted your registration form.

(The amounts and store choices listed in the registration selection were chosen by us and the school staff in order to best meet the needs of the students and families they have identified.)

Ongoing Missions We Support

To READ about a particular project, simply click the name.

To GIVE toward a particular project, go to discovernorthpark.securegive.com and simply type your gift amount in the box marked other and mention one of these projects in the message field.