Investing in the Mission

Consistent giving is an indication of a mature follower of Jesus. There are many stories of the significance of generous giving in the Scripture to other people and in particular, the body of Christ. We believe your time, finances, and talent should be invested in a life-long building of Jesus’ followers, around us and globally. Northpark Church requests that you prayerfully take the practice of financial giving into consideration as an intentional and consistent aspect of your spiritual progress. The “5 Ways to Give Generously” has been provided to ease your faithfulness in this aspect of stewardship.

Online Giving.

This is a one of the more simpler ways to give at Northpark. Click HERE or access the Online Giving button positioned in the top right corner of this page. Then walk through the instructions to create an account and begin to give! You can select a ‘one-time’ gift through this secure website whenever you’d like during the week or you can set up a repeating gift that will automatically give on a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly basis – depends on you! Automated giving is amazing since it makes you faithful to the Lord, even when circumstances get in the way of you going to church on a particular Sunday. Ultimately, online giving is very easy and stress-free!

SecureGive Mobile Giving App.

You can also use your tablets or smartphone! We have a free mobile giving app, which you can easily download from App Store. Install the “SecureGive” application, and search for ‘Northpark Church’ to get your account running. If you’ve ever seen people using their smartphones during offering at Northpark, there are possibilities that they are making use of the SecureGive app to give. It is simple and hassle-free!

Sunday Offering.

If you’d like a give in a more traditional manner, we have set aside time every Sunday (during the 10am service) for the offering. This is an essential aspect of the service because we read in the Bible that giving is one of the worship acts – it additionally adds to the worship atmosphere during the service.

Check by Mail.

Don’t feel like these are your style but still wish to give? There is always the option to send a check to our church offices all throughout the week. (Mailing Address: Northpark Church – PO Box 99750, Raleigh, NC 27624)