Let’s Connect

Rain, steadily falls as I sit and write early this morning. Sipping coffee in the comfort of my home, I am drawn to wonder what is happening in [...]

Exposing the Ordinary

As the Christmas season is coming to a close, if you haven’t already undecorated, I imagine that will be happening soon. Decorating brings so much joy and excitement, [...]

Crushing It

Crushing it. The first time I heard this popular new phrase was from one of my daughter’s friends.  She was telling her cute littles, "You’re crushing it!” as [...]

Tiny Clouds

Keep Knocking, Keep Praying Relentlessly ... Prayer – it’s filled with energy, power, and mystery. We are told to “pray without ceasing,” yet we are also told that [...]


Our family has a board game called, “Scrutineyes - the game of closer looks”. There are hundreds of images on each board, some are easily identified while others [...]

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